We love to read!!!


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We all enjoyed world book day and took part in a Readathon over Easter.

These are our favourite stories.

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I love to read my Liverpool book!!!

I love to read holly loves earrings

My favourite book is Pollys pink pajamas.I like it because it has a little girl called Polly she culdent go to the party ,but it was a pajamas party

On world book day I had a book called Starwars I was dressed up as Darfader we writed about our self on a paper we had to get to the bottom of the page we had fun in the classroom.

secret Kingdom is a book about a pixi,three special girls and a king called king merry,but king merry’s sister called queen malice.

I enjoyed reading Readathon and this is one of my books When Polly jumped over the moon

The butter fly ball I love the bit where prinsse Jessica falls on the bed.

i like the book of frozen my favrote part is when anna freezes she looks so pretty !

On world book day I dressed up as horrid henry.I really like these books.

I like little miss sunshine because she got a new job she
Does people hair and they run a way!

I love to read sleeping beauty

i like to read the three billy gout gruf because it is funny because the troll falls into the water.

IN our school we love to read I love book,s

I dress up as wheres wally I love to read its ‘fun .

I like to read frozen books. Else is my favourite queen.

I love to read my spider man book and i dressed up as spider man.

I love to read the ugly duckling because the duckling turns In to a swan.

For wold book day I Dressed up as Harry Potter and i,fe read it before .

On worid book I dress as Minnie mouse she is my
Favourite character in the book mI favourite bit is wen
Her picnic flies in the wind.

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